About Us

The Nicosia Dog Shelter is a registered association for the welfare of dogs in Nicosia. Every day dogs and puppies are brought to us. They are either lost,  abandoned or are often just the result of an unwanted pregnancy. We work hard to make their lives as pleasant as possible at the shelter. Our main aim is to find responsible forever homes for them to ensure a long and happy life.

To fund this we rely on the generosity of the public. We also have two second hand shops, in Larnaca and Nicosia, which take in donations of clothes and small items of bric a brac no longer needed: to sell.

We offer a vital rescue service in the Nicosia area . We believe animal welfare is greatly improved through education and encourage schools to visit the shelter, which can be arranged by appointment. We also believe that sterilsation is the only solution in order to reduce the population of unwanted dogs and puppies and that is why all our dogs are sterilised when adopted.